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Fixed Index Annuities

Preserve your money, grow your wealth, and keep paying yourself through retirement. IFS advisors can show you how.

fixed indexed annuities

A Retirement Planning Solution That Makes Dollars and Sense

Don’t believe the annuity “critics” who say FIAs are too expensive, too complicated, and too conservative. Look for yourself and discover why, every year, more retirees are using fixed index annuities to turn a lifetime of paychecks into a retirement of playchecks.

Here’s how it works: When you invest in an FIA, you invest in a legal reserve entity. For every $1 you invest, the insurance company has a minimum of $1.05 in reserves, per state guarantee fund guidelines. Then, rather than passing on a small interest rate, the insurance company puts your money to work in the market so you can “participate” in the gains without any downside risk. Best of all, FIAs reset periodically to lock in earned interest, which means your floor only goes up, never down.

Compared to other investment vehicles and passive income strategies, FIAs offer uncapped growth potential while protecting your principal from market volatility.

  • Principal Protection - The money you put in is contractually protected by the full faith and credit of the issuing company. You will never lose a single dollar you invest. Ever.
  • Portfolio Diversification - With FIAs, your wealth is safeguarded against down markets, corrections, and crashes. Your money is spread across a wide variety of funds and managed accounts to fully participate in the hottest sectors in the market while maintaining downside protection.
  • Return on Investment - Interest rates are guaranteed to never be less than zero, even if the market goes down. Estimated returns are typically between 0% and 15% per year, but earning potential is uncapped and unlimited.
  • Guaranteed Income for Life - As far as passive income generators go, few (if any) are as guaranteed or secure as fixed index annuities. Investing in FIAs means you move up and forward with your money, never down and backward. No more sleepless nights worrying if the market will wipe out your retirement income.

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fixed indexed annuities

Safeguard Your Retirement Income for Life

Is your retirement income truly secure? Do you have a plan in place to grow your wealth over time? Are you confident you won’t outlive your assets? These are some of the most important financial planning questions retirees face. Fixed index annuities provide the answers.

As part of a well-balanced retirement income strategy, fixed index annuities can help safeguard your principal for life and provide a steady stream of predictable income you cannot outlive. Offering the safety and security of a CD with the earning potential of stocks and mutual funds, FIAs provide peace of mind (and return on investment) no matter what happens in the market.

You’ve worked hard your entire life to earn your wealth; now put it to work with one of the safest and smartest investment vehicles. Insurity Financial Services can show you how.

IFS has over 15 years of experience helping individuals and families navigate the financial waters of retirement. We provide the expertise of a large firm with the personal service of a one-man shop to give you the best of both worlds: advice you can trust from an advisor who cares.

Book your free, no-risk, no-obligation appointment today to learn more about fixed index annuities. We promise to help you find the right FIA without the sales pitches and pressure tactics other companies use.

  • Preserve 100% of your principal investment
  • Enjoy uncapped earning potential for life
  • Protect your wealth from bubbles and bear markets

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Smart Strategies and Sound Advice Tailored to Your Retirement Goals

Start safeguarding your retirement income today and stop worrying about your financial future tomorrow. IFS advisors provide education, guidance, and step-by-step support to help you accomplish your financial goals.

Our mission is to make sure that you have a long, healthy, and happy retirement, free of worry about the money you have to live (and play) on. We start by understanding your unique and specific goals, as well as your current and unforeseen future income needs, then recommend a fixed index annuity that guarantees a bare minimum income for life.

We can also advise you on Medicare, life insurance, dental, and long-term care options to keep retirement costs low and confidence high. IFS aims to be the last insurance advisor you ever need to talk to about securing your personal and financial health in retirement.

Get in touch with us today and take the first step towards safeguarding your wealth and health for the next chapter of your life.

FIA Advisory Through IFS: No Risk, No Fees, No Worries

Peace of mind doesn’t have a price tag, and neither should financial advice. There’s no fee to talk to an IFS advisor about investing in a fixed index annuity, so book your free, no-obligation appointment today to get started.

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